About us


Salam Alikoum and Marhaba!

This means, hello and welcome!

For me, guiding is not a Job, it’s a Joy!

My ongoing quest for perfection and my enthusiasm, devotion and commitment to consistently provide what my guests seek is what sets me apart.

I was born in the sunny desert where stillness and simplicity prevail, a land where generosity graces even in the simplest house. I whole heartedly welcome everyone who would impulsively like to closely come to terms with the deep-rooted culture and the remarkable beauty of my country hoping to be given the chance to greet you in person and help you unveil the mystery of Morocco!

I came to Tangier as a student at the famous “Higher International Institute of Tourism of Tangier” and, from the very outset, the mystery and beauty of the city have haunted my inneremboing my dream city. After graduation, I decided to devote my life to Tangier by sharing this uniquely gem of a city.

Being a fully licensed private tour guide of Tangier and Morocco at large with many years of experience serving visitors coming to Morocco, I do personally believe that much is lost by self touring and for good reasons. Certainly, travel guide books adequately and comprehensively provide, for the most part, factual information, things to do, and answers as to why, who, where and when. However, often something is missing, and that’s precisely the story I and my associate certified tour guides have been proudly telling, a story of exotic mystery, amusement and cultural immersion.

Being shrouded in mystery, Tangier is a museum where you can lose yourself meandering around its narrow alleyways, the Souks and bazaars with its vibrant colors that assault the eyes. You will certainly catch the excitement of the city when you hear the stories behind its foundation, its artistic touch, exotic soul, cultural diversity and unique style of life.

I am a communicative guide with enthusiasm for my work. I love architecture, history, art, sightseeing and meeting people. I am personable, flexible, have a good sense of humor, and am always updated on current affairs. I take pride in offering a sensitive and professional service at all times. The greatest reward for me is a referral from my past clients!

There has been a continuous demand on high-quality and exotic experiences I have been offering; therefore, I trained numerous certified tour guides to strictly adopt the same philosophy of work as mine. We are nowadays a team of enthusiastic private tour guides and we passionately love what we do and offer.

Whatever you want to do on your holiday I consider you my guest and I will do all my best to make your time in Morocco the best holiday you have ever had thanks to the secrets I have learned over many years!

Let’s share the sun, mint tea and fun!

We look forward to meeting you.