Where Tangier is situated?

Tangier is situated in the Northwestern part of Morocco, open to the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean.

What is the population of Tangier?

Tangier has about 1.4 million of inhabitants. 

What languages are spoken in Morocco?

The two main official languages of Morocco are Arabic and Tamazight (often called Berber language). Moroccan Arabic (totally different from Middle Eastern Arabic) is widely spoken.

French is the first foreign and has a big impact on the Moroccan population (education, administrations, business, traffic signs…) code switching is easily noticeable when Moroccans are conversing.

English has been fostered to become the second important foreign language in the country.

Locals, particularly in the old city, would appreciate if you know a couple of words in Arabic. Hence, knowing how to greet people would be certainly a plus for cultural immersions. 

What is the weather like?

The weather in Morocco is as diverse as its various natural features. Generally, Morocco’s atmosphere is reasonable and subtropical, chilled by winds of the Atlantic and Mediterranean. On the inside, winters can be very cool and summers exceptionally hot. The farther you go from the sea, the more compelling winter and summer temperatures get to be. 

Can you tell us about the food?

In a word, deliciously yummy; Salads are amazingly nice. Fresh vegetables are served with delicious light dressing on the side.

Generally, meals consist of three courses: a starter (salad or Moroccan soup), a main course and dessert (most of the time fruits of the season). For the main course, you have numerous options of Tajines including beef with prunes, chicken with lemon and olives or brochettes. Couscous is culturally served on Fridays. 

What should I wear, is there a dress code in Morocco?

Morocco is exceptionally full of contrasts. Religion is paramountly important but has been liberally shaped to positively meet the diversification of Moroccans. It is conspicuously apparent especially among youngsters that are dressed like elsewhere in Europe. However, in more conservative areas like rural or old Medinas, it is advisable to cover shoulders and knees, I.e. T-shirt and cropped trousers or similar. 

Will I be able to photograph people?

Morocco is exceptionally blessed with naturally beauty, dramatic landscapes, deserts, mountains, colorful Medinas and villages and much more. Deep blue sky contrasts with the golden sand, green palms with red hues of the mountains, tiles of blue, red and yellow against the walls of indigo blue, orange turban Djellaba paired with dark purple and more…

A trip without pictures would never be a lasting memory for you and we wish you could take as many pictures as you can. In some places, we will recommend taking pictures, but in others, especially people’s faces pictures, permission would be necessary. 

What is Morocco’s currency called and what are the exchange rates?

The Moroccan currency is called the Moroccan Dirham (with the famous international symbol MAD that means Maroc Dirham). To clarify, the US Dollar is about 8.5 Dirhams, and one Euro is about 10.2 Dirhams. Rates vary somewhat among banks, but some banks charge a fee, which can add up to a considerable sum with small cuts. We recommend exchanging money at the exchange offices that have a better rate.

All major credit cards are accepted in major hotels and close to all amenities. ATM cards can be used.

Use a money belt for all your documents, checks, passports and credit cards. For current currency conversion, visit the website www.oanda.com 

In which currency can we pay?

Euros and US dollars are accepted. Also, if you want to pay in Moroccan Dirhams, it’s possible.

We don’t take cards for the moment. However, you can use your card to withdraw money from ATM machines. 

Is it a private tour or would be other people?

All our tours are 100% private.

Based on the experience of 9 years, we have been always specializing in offering personalized and private tours not only in Tangier but throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. Our philosophy of work has been always the same “Each guest is very special”. This is the reason why we like to treat each tour and request in a special way. Our strategy to enable cultural immersions is to provide a local expert tour guide and decent transportation to remain at your disposal during your tour, cover your questions and flexibly adapt the tour to answer your specific needs.

We can organize group tours and parties when we get special requests, but we never put people in the same van. 

Is there a discount for children and big groups?

A 50% discount is offered to children between 2 and 8 years old. Babies and children up to 2 years are free.

We also offer discounts for groups according to the number of person in your party. 

What are the ferry time departures from Spain to Morocco?

From Tarifa to Tangier, there is a ferry departure every two hours starting from 9 am. For your return to Spain, you can either take the 2 pm ferry, the 4 pm or 6 pm (depending on the tour you have selected). If you are spending the night in Tangier and you need a morning departure, you can take the 8 am or the 10 am ferry.