Time difference:

Morocco and Spain are now both on the same time zone. The GMT + 1 has been recently adopted in Morocco; which means that both countries now are on the same timing.


Ferry Departures:

I recommend taking the fast catamaran from Tarifa, which is included in the cost of my services. The company I book your tickets from is FRS as it has regular ferries departing from Tarifa. Their ferries run all year long regardless of the seasons.


Departure and Arrival time:

When I book your round trip ferry tickets I confirm departure from Tarifa at 9 am. However, there are ferries departing each two hours throughout the day. So, If you don’t catch the first ferry at 9 you can take the second one at 11 am. I would really appreciate it if you communicate the change in advance at +212 618 50 40 30 or +212 6 61 26 33 35. It is important to be at the ferry terminal at least 30 min prior to the ferry departure. Your return from Tangier can be either scheduled at 3 pm, 5 pm or 7 pm depending on your tour.


How to get your tickets:

Once I get your tour confirmed, I will send you a PDF file with the reservation number . You will hand the FRS agents at the port of Tarifa this number and then they will give you your round trip tickets without any payment from your side.


Tarifa port address and contact:

Puerto de Tarifa, Avenida de las Fuerzas Armadas,

13, 11380 Tarifa/ España.

Tel:  +34 95658 5400

Fax: +34 95658 5443




**NOTE** Coming to Morocco: while on the ferry, you must get your passports stamped by the Moroccan police. There will be a multilingual announcement (usually very difficult to hear) informing you about this procedure. If you do not hear this, just ask any of the ship’s staff about the immigration agent and they will guide you. Please note that failure to have your passport stamped will result in extensive delays upon arrival to Tangier.


How to meet Aziz and/or team:

We will be meeting you at the port of Tangier holding a placard. There are three different tour guides names Aziz in tangier. My full name is Aziz BENAMI, and please make sure you go with the guide with the placard of your name.


NOTE: If I’m booked for the same day, I will contact my best guides to accompany you in this journey. There might be also last minute changes or health problems and I cannot be able to be your guide, thus you will be met by one of my colleagues. This doesn’t happen, but it is a possibility.